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Wrath of Ashardalon

Tyranny of Dragons

In this story arc the great wyrm Ashardalon accumulates power as the course of the cosmos Draconic Prophecies shifts tilting the scales of power. Campaign kicks off : The Blood of Ancient Battles Rises on March 7, 2015

An eternal demonic war draws dangerously close to an end, threatening the balance of all existence. At the crux of this chaotic feud resides a legendary terror fixated upon immortality at any cost. Only the most powerful heroes can hope to defeat a force that lies beyond the influence of the gods. Some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse are tied into this upcomming war and it is not for the faint hearted adventurer.

The Red Emperor
Ashardalon is well known for his tenacious clasp on life, no matter his injuries and setbacks. When he was struck a mortal blow by his great rival Valamaradace, the Golden King, Ashardalon bound a demon into his breast as a second heart, a balor of enormous power named Ammet, the Eater of Souls. Ashardalon resembles an ancient red dragon in its prime, but certain odd features stand out. He has a demonic visage, and on his chest is a gruesome scar. The dragon’s eyes are twin beams of burning fire, and tiny bolts of lightning constantly play between his claws and fangs. For nearly three centuries, Ashardalon had taken refuge beneath the earth to regain his strength after he had bound a balor into his chest.

During the war, Ashardalon was the second in command of the Red dragon flight under the first Red King, Gulthias. Ashardalon was chosen by Gulthias to act as the general of the red dragon armies. His skill in battle and incomparable war strategies earned him great respect among all the chromatic dragons. He was one of the most feared warriors that the chromatic dragons had on their side and was a key figure in the near extinction of the Brass dragon flight when he led the combined forces of the red and green dragons into Brass dragon territory. Yurinias, the Brass King, made a final stand with his remaining forces and had managed to drive back the brown dragon flight from the deserts of Ionis until Ashardalon emerged from the skies with the red and greens at his back. A violent struggle ensued in the desert and the brass dragons were all but decimated by the combination of red, green, and some of the returning brown dragons who were invigorated to fight again at the sight of the other chromatic dragons aiding them. Ashardalon himself finished off Yurinias in a nearly one sided display of utter dominance. Disgusted with the weakness of the brown dragons, Ashardalon ordered his forces to finish off the brown dragons and then swore the whole lot of them to secrecy for the remainder of their lives. Only few brown dragons survived, today known as sand dragons from their long slumber beneath the sands. A story was concocted attributing the death of the brown dragon flight to the brass dragons and that Ashardalon and his force avenged their fallen chromatic brothers to appease the Conclave in Argonnesson. Near the end of the war, an epic battle between the red and gold dragons ensued lead by Bahamut and Valamaradace. Valamaradace, Bahamut’s most trusted templar Gold Dragon struck down Gulthias the red king, casting his remains into a great volcano. The death of Gulthias sparked in-fighting between the reds for the throne, but when Ashardalon, thought dead returned from battle with the silver dragons he made way utop the mountain claiming the throne. Even death could not destroy him completely, no other red dragon opposed him. Positioning himself in Nightfang Spire Ashardalon then began by taking over the Bastion of Unborn Souls where he could feed directly from the font of all life and ascend to a status in which his love Tiamat could finally be his. Ashardalon took the full force of the red dragons to avenge Gulthias at the site of his fall. Bahamut’s champion Valamaradace had fought Ashardalon to many stand stills in the past and were determined to end their rivalry once and for all. Ultimately Valamaradace gained the upper hand in the battle with Bahamut’s Blessing and he struck a heavy and terrible blow to Ashardalon tearing a hole in his chest exposing his draconic heart. Ashardalon retreated and returned, defeated and disgraced, to his lair. The dying dragon prayed to his love Tiamat who, hearing his prayer, sent her answer in the form of a powerful balor which Ashardalon bound into his chest through a blasphemous ritual with the aid of a cult of humanoids who worshiped Ashardalon as their god. With the ritual a success, Ashardalon sank into the earth to regain his strength over the next three centuries. Ashardalon’s lieutenant, Pyroclast, had been acting as a regent for the red dragons and led the flight in Ashardalon’s absence until the day that Ashardalon finally returned to the surface to reclaim his throne. When Ashardalon did return, he had been changed both physically and mentally: his chest bore a demonic mark shaped scar, his eyes glowed with an evil fire, and powerful magic energy crackled between his fangs and talons. Ashardalon thirst for revenge against Valamaradace burned to the point of near insanity, which was only fueled by the realization of the changes that the world went through while he had slept. Ashardalon, who arrogantly assumed the title of Emperor, rules from his lair, which he has called the Sunless Citadel, that sits atop the very volcano, now dormant, that his former king Gulthias was cast into. His fallen king Gulthias took the mantle of The Dragon Below and is known as Khyber constantly whispering out to Tiamat and any who may hear him. Ashardalon has been waiting patiently for centuries now and seeks ways to bring down the barrier that imprisons his fallen king and himself known as the Fist of Onatar in the Mror Holds. The cult of Ashardalon have grown exponentially over the years into a full blown religion that dominates most of Khorvaire and outlying continents. A faction of the Cult of the Dragon who in turn worship Tiamat. The two draconic lovers claim nearly 90% of all evil draconic worship. Those of the lesser races that are not members of the church of Ashardalon, live in fear of the “Crimson Clerics” that conduct heretic hunts all across Eberron. Ashardalon’s madness only continues to grow as the face of Valamaradace haunts his every waking hour; should he escape the confines of his kingdom, the gold dragons will face a red dragon flight unlike any they ever knew in the old war. Ashardalon intends to tear at the walls of Tiamats prison as he intends to claim her as his queen and unleash a cosmic war that will reshape the cosmos.

Disciples of Ashardalon are members of an organization, loose-knit and secretive though it may be. Of necessity, they have some contact with other members of the order, but their overwhelming personal ambition means they rarely cooperate with one another in pursuit of their various evil schemes. They are likely to make use of various minions, particularly those of a fiendish character, in pursuit of their plans, rather than rely on the cooperation of equals. Like their evil exemplar, they are often served by deluded cults made up of evil humanoids or even undead. Both they and their cultists contemplate plans of sweeping evil grandeur—seizing power, leveling kingdoms, reclaiming or destroying ancient artifacts, and the like. As in Ashardalon’s epic return with a bound Balor Demon to his own heart, disciples of Ashardalon bind fiendish spirits to their own hearts, eventually taking on the characteristics of demonic spawn themselves. Disciples of Ashardalon do not really worship the ancient dragon, nor do they literally learn directly from him as the word “disciple” implies, but they regard Ashardalon as the great exemplar of their path and seek to emulate him in every way possible. They hope to reunite Tiamat and Ashardalon and allow them to rekindle thier love, birthing a new flight of Dragons the cosmos has never seen.


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